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5 Ways to start a company (Without quitting your Job)

Posted by misterscorp on July 21, 2006

Business 2.0 Magazine recently addressed the thirst of Enterpreneur’s dream to start up their new venture.

The mantra is “When you come across hidden customer demands in your job, turn them into a business.”

The Five ways to get started,

  • Use your Salary as Funding
  • Turn Common Complaints into a Business Plan
  • Make your Boss a Beta Tester
  • Take Advantage of your Company’s Reputation
  • Convert Your Employer into a Business Partner

The final touch up’s “Don’t rely too much on your parent company,Sooner or later, all startups must be able to fend for themselves.”

Author’s Credit:Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0 Magazine editor-at-large


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Remember The Milk [Beta]

Posted by misterscorp on July 13, 2006

I was in search of an application which will allow me to manage my To-do lists online, In particular I am in search of a Web 2.0 application. Today I was lucky enough to use this application. Remember The Milk was the application I was mentioning about, It has a very sleek interfaces and a very basic features like Sharing, Publishing, adding notes for a particular tasks, set Remainders etc., So to give a try click here

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Google is not No.1 in Maps

Posted by misterscorp on July 12, 2006

Just read the below excerpt, Taken from Seen Creative Group blogged by Mr.Josh, who shares his experience on using both the Yahoo & Google maps on real-time.

The blogger was able to find out the places were their parents were literally into trouble. The scenario took place when the blogger’s parents visited the blogger and their parents were returning back to their home.


On the way home from visiting me in Rochester this weekend, my parents decided that instead of driving back home to Connecticut, they would take a detour and visit Saratoga Springs. So they call me from the road, “Josh, we’re going to Saratoga, how do we get there?” Fortunately for them, I happened to be in the studio at my computer, so I sigh and tell my Mom to give me a minute. I punch up Google Maps, (by default) and as always, with the greatest of ease, I find them the best route to get into Saratoga off the Thruway. Thanks Google, you have yet to fail me, (or my family).About an hour later, I receive yet another call from my mother, this time a bit more distraught. “We were on that route 67 you told us to get on and we got a flat tire.” Great, of all the days of the year, you get a flat tire on July 3rd, in the middle of nowhere and all you have in the trunk is a doughnut. So now I’m worried, my family is stranded who knows where outside of Saratoga, 4 hours from home, with no place to stay for the night, and they’re driving on a doughnut.

“Mom,” I say, “can you give me a landmark or a recent cross street?”
“We’re right near an Exxon station,” she replies.

I turn to Yahoo! Maps Beta, for this one. I search Saratoga Springs, NY. Then I turn to their “Find on the Map” search feature and type in Exxon. Instantly, the map populates with the 4 or 5 Exxon stations in the area.

“Mom? Are you guys near Doheny Oil Corporation?”
“Well, it turns out, you guys are only about 1 mile outside of Saratoga.”
“Can you find us a hotel?”
“Working on it.”

So back to Yahoo! Maps Beta. I turn back to the “Find of the Map” feature, but this time, I browse by category. Travel and Transit > Hotels and Motels. Again, the map populates with the 30 or 40 lodgings in the area. Not only do the listings have the address and phone number of the hotel, they’ve included a 5 star rating system and a “more info” link, which provides you with, well, more information on the hotel; reviews, website address, etc. I pick out a bunch that sounded up to par and give my mom the info.

Ultimately, my parents found a safe place to stay for the night, and the concierge at their motel hooked them up with a mechanic to fix the flat in the morning. They called me back as they were sitting down to dinner and gave me the good news.

For situations like this, Yahoo! has really outdone the competition. They’ve delivered a human element to the search feature, whereas Google Maps, presents the user with an extremely open-ended search engine, allowing the user to search for anything instead of what they really need.

Because Yahoo!’s map search engine is so refined, it allows the user search their results contextually. If you search Saratoga Springs and then search gas stations, within that search you are returned gas stations ONLY in that area, not 62 irrelevant search results like with the Google Search. The top 3 results returned were Exxon stations, 2 in Vermont and 1 in Nassau, NY. I checked the additional 59 results, and the results were atrocious. Anytime Exxon is mentioned in metadata, it appears in the results. Adelphi Hotel, Community Hospice, Greater Grace Community Church, the list goes on and it is nearly ALL irrelevant.

Taking a hands off approach when designing an application like Yahoo! Maps Beta or Google Maps is wrong. You need to understand the goals of your users and help them get there. Design your interface so your users make the right decisions, especially for a contextually-sensitive search engine like Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps Beta. Guide your users to where they want to travel, don’t have them searching in circles.

Google should listen to this…

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billQ: Bill Tracking Application

Posted by misterscorp on July 12, 2006

“Seen Creative” has released a new free product billQ:

The easiest way to keep track of your bills. Our web application helps you to schedule and manage bills.

The application feels 37 Signals-esque in its simplicity and nice use of Ajax (without overuse).

I had personally tried this, Seems to be Okay with lot more additional features promised to be released soon….

Just try this product here

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Dojo ToolKit – a Try

Posted by misterscorp on July 10, 2006

As I had studied enough about the Javascript, I started to go for the best available toolkits which support the best widget system, data structures, Event handlers, Animation effects, AJAX transports, language methods. Naturally I should go for Dojo Toolkit. Since all the above said features and more than that are available as an open source.

So going ahead with Dojo…

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Javascript –The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

Posted by misterscorp on July 10, 2006

Javascript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language, Today I was pretty enough to search for the information regarding javascript. Myself amateur in Javascript, thought it won’t be such a professional language since i don’t see any standards in this scripting language.

But to my surprise I found out that javascript is more powerful than Java when speaking about the web applications, It is more expressive, dynamic and even have an Object oriented programming methods. Virtually every personal computer in the world has atleast one javascript interpreter installed on it and active. Today there is a vast development in the area of web application. The javascript acts as the main contributor for this revolution, i would rather say this as a evolution.

Despite it’s popularity in the WWW, only few know that Javascript is a very nice dynamic object-oriented programming language which supports DOM scripting. How this information is kept as a secret? How the developers misunderstood the smartest language I ever learnt?

This could be due to the books that are available in the market, which doesn’t target the professional programmers and the specification for standards are of very poor quality. When JavaScript was first introduced, I dismissed it as being not worth my attention. Much later, I took another look at it and discovered that hidden in the browser was an excellent programming language. My initial attitudes were based on the initial positioning of JavaScript by Sun and Netscape. They made many misstatements about JavaScript in order to avoid positioning JavaScript as a competitor to Java. Those misstatements continue to echo in the scores of badly written JavaScript books aimed at the dummies and amateurs market.


Speaking about the history,JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape as the in-page scripting language for Navigator 2. It is a remarkably expressive dynamic programming language. Because of its linkage to web browsers, it instantly became massively popular. It never got a trial period in which it could be corrected and polished based on actual use. The language is powerful and flawed.

This document describes ECMAScript Edition 3 (aka JavaScript 1.5). Microsoft and Netscape are developing a static revision which does not correct the language’s flaws. That new language is not JavaScript and is beyond the scope of this document.

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