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  • July 2006
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Javascript –The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

Posted by misterscorp on July 10, 2006

Javascript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language, Today I was pretty enough to search for the information regarding javascript. Myself amateur in Javascript, thought it won’t be such a professional language since i don’t see any standards in this scripting language.

But to my surprise I found out that javascript is more powerful than Java when speaking about the web applications, It is more expressive, dynamic and even have an Object oriented programming methods. Virtually every personal computer in the world has atleast one javascript interpreter installed on it and active. Today there is a vast development in the area of web application. The javascript acts as the main contributor for this revolution, i would rather say this as a evolution.

Despite it’s popularity in the WWW, only few know that Javascript is a very nice dynamic object-oriented programming language which supports DOM scripting. How this information is kept as a secret? How the developers misunderstood the smartest language I ever learnt?

This could be due to the books that are available in the market, which doesn’t target the professional programmers and the specification for standards are of very poor quality. When JavaScript was first introduced, I dismissed it as being not worth my attention. Much later, I took another look at it and discovered that hidden in the browser was an excellent programming language. My initial attitudes were based on the initial positioning of JavaScript by Sun and Netscape. They made many misstatements about JavaScript in order to avoid positioning JavaScript as a competitor to Java. Those misstatements continue to echo in the scores of badly written JavaScript books aimed at the dummies and amateurs market.


Speaking about the history,JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape as the in-page scripting language for Navigator 2. It is a remarkably expressive dynamic programming language. Because of its linkage to web browsers, it instantly became massively popular. It never got a trial period in which it could be corrected and polished based on actual use. The language is powerful and flawed.

This document describes ECMAScript Edition 3 (aka JavaScript 1.5). Microsoft and Netscape are developing a static revision which does not correct the language’s flaws. That new language is not JavaScript and is beyond the scope of this document.


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